We are the creators of the world's first truly comprehensive SEMO Agency - Search Engine & Marketplace Optimization

SEMO is an AI-supported, proprietary method of building traffic and sales from multiple search engines, multiple marketplace channels and countries simultaneously. Locally, or across multiple countries and languages. With proven methods, we deliver multi-channel results to increase traffic, leads and sales, tailored to the modern business and e-commerce of the future.

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Since 2010, our team has been successfully building traffic and sales for our clients from platforms such as:






This is where our adventure in online sales, SEO and shop positioning begins. We carry out SEO and whisper marketing for an online shop for one client.


First job in earnest - full-time and handling a total of more than 80 clients from dozens of industries. The first PPC campaigns (Google Ads) and activities in local marketing.


Increased knowledge and experience, we have behind us more than 2,500 audits and hundreds of SEO + SEM campaigns and millions of generated traffic.


Starting your own SEO agency, operating on a transparent basis, with dedicated staff for clients and building a complete SEO strategy and implementation service.


We are discovering how powerful Marketplace channels are and are starting to test the optimisation solutions on Amazon, Allegro and Ebay.


First results in Marketplace channels, combined with SEO optimisation for Google - the client grows - in 1 year from EUR 300,000 revenue to EUR 7,000,000 revenue.


Avalanche of results, we operate more than 100 clients, generating a total of more than EUR 50 000 000 in revenue of the supported channels.


We are beginning to build several product brands - we become co-owners of them (some of them rebranding, some of them in-house production).


The internet explodes gaining dozens of % new users. Revenue generated for customer brands and private labels exceeds €150,000,000.


We work on preparing and structuring all processes, defining activities and steps to create in a fully effective SEMO service.


RISERITE - the launch of the world's first brand focused on SEMO - search engine optimisation and sales across search engines and dozens of Marketplace platforms at the same time for a price similar to an SEO campaign.

About Us

What changed our perception and the meaning of our work? The fact that activities carried out in Google, for example, after one year for a specific project, were producing much poorer results than activities carried out in SEMO at the same time.
A financial outlay of X gave the client a score of Y on Google, where at the same time a 2X outlay spent on SEMO optimisation of several marketplace and search engine channels gave the client a score of nearly 8Y.

This situation was replicated on many projects and the disparity grew with the number of channels and countries. This forced us to conclude that Google is admittedly the cheapest basis for online sales, but it is definitely not enough to achieve ambitious, smart and big goals.

With tens of thousands of hours of experience, observation, analytics and an understanding of the needs of the market as well as the true purpose of SEO&SEM activities, we have come, after nearly 10 years, to the point where we have established several product brands of our own in competitive industries. Implementing our own methods from scratch, in the first four years of the brands' operation we generated sales of more than €20,000,000 concentrated in 97% outside our home country. We did this with an initial investment of less than €50,000, which we carried out for nearly nine months prior to the moment we entered the market.

This, together with the revenue generated for clients (mainly SEO and SEM activities on search engines), has given us a experience for 2024, surpassing EUR 200,000,000 in total revenue generated for customers in the period since 2008. Measures implemented for own product brandswhere we had a full say in the channels we used to reach the customer and how we reached them, have enabled us to gain unparalleled market knowledge, analytical skills and sales experience in more than 15 marketplaces, across three search engines, in 11 languages, delivering nearly 500,000 packages to more than 40 countries. In 4 years we have invested several million euros in developing the online marketing of our own brands (many times at a loss or without success) which has allowed us to experience a great deal.

In mid-2023. we began preparations to structure all activities, prepare and optimise processes so as to offer our knowledge, experience and skills in the form of highly efficient and scalable consultancy, training and services SEMO - Search Engine & Marketplace Optimisation, giving, for a price similar to that of a solid SEO campaign, many times greater potential for traffic and sales at the same time in markets with high average shopping basket values!

This is how the agency came into being RISERITE.com, the first fully Agile agency, offering a proprietary SEMO methodology - optimising and building organic sales everywhere - from Google and Bing to local portals and dozens of Marketplace channels, billed only for the work done or the result.


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in a year




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organic traffic




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in six months


Google Ads / SEO


monthly growth

organic traffic



Collaborating on digital marketing activities and the broader area of SEO was a unique experience for us, one that set a standard we would like to meet in any future collaboration with external service providers. Although the team from Krakow wasn't the first we've partnered with in the area of SEO performance, it was certainly the first to prove to us that SEO is so much more than just artificially inflated texts.


Co-Founder / Head of Operations

During our collaboration, the agency was open about both the way we worked together and the form of communication. I valued their flexibility and adaptation to the client. Their advice on what to do on the site owner's side was clear, specific and went beyond the standard SEO agency suggestions. The knowledge of the industry on the part of the agency was a huge help for me. The articles delivered were factually and linguistically correct.


Head of PR

Above all, we appreciate the genuine professionalism and knowledge of the field of SEO and search engine optimisation. The company's actions are transparent and inspire complete confidence. The freedom with which the team moves in the area of web positioning allowed us to forecast good results, which were confirmed by measurable results in just a few months.



The agency's activities are based on several complex projects and consultancy in the field of Google and Social Media campaigns. The way the campaign is run, the ingenuity, the individual approach, the results, the reporting, the good contact, the willingness of the agency's employees to share their knowledge and the support we receive from them allow us to describe the company as a recommendable partner.


Managing Director

A great, reliable and committed service with an out-of-the-box approach to building organic reach. No corporate newspeak or wraparound. I would recommend RR as an agency run by practitioners across multiple disciplines, channels and results-driven search engines - not agency theorists.


Head of marketing

I recommend this company as a reliable and professional SEO service provider. During the period of cooperation, traffic to our online shop increased several times. In addition to standard services, we received a lot of support from the company in the form of analyses, consultations, and advice, which contributed to the development of our website.



Since the start of the cooperation, our visibility in Google has improved significantly despite the relatively short period. We are very satisfied with the cooperation, the employees are very competent and always at 100% committed.


IT & E-Commerce Coordinator

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We have been working in online sales, SEO, Marketplace, strategy, traffic generation and growth hacking since 2008. We have conducted tens of thousands of visibility and potential audits, carried out hundreds of consultations, and have worked and continue to work with hundreds of clients. We have learnt the specifics of probably all existing industries on the market. We have built complete digital strategies as well as online strategies for dozens of shops, sites or brands in many countries and dozens of languages. We have brought up dozens of specialists in SEO, SEM, e-commerce or Marketplace. We know that diluting projects that can be done quickly only leads to waste, frustration, delays and lost momentum. If you're paying someone for 12msc for something we can do in 2-3 months, why waste 9-10msc? Isn't it better to develop 4-5x faster in the same time?


We are the only ones in the market, we run fully transparent projects from planning to implementation to reporting. We respect each other's time and do not spend it on "stroking" each other - we spend it on effective work. We are the only company to run projects and services in full Agile and Scrum methodologies, authoritatively adapted to the needs and specificities of our industry. We report online and continuously, our work based on an ever-growing database of over 700 different tasks defined every 15 minutes of completion. You pay ALWAYS, ONLY for work done, tools implemented, scripts, licences, links etc. having them presented transparently in 100%. You can choose between two billing models - Agile (variable amounts, billed monthly - declining) or FIX (fixed flat monthly amount).


It is practical not to waste time. If we don't know about something, we say it straight out, delegate to the best in their fields and pin the whole thing down a coherent strategy. It's the strategy, building synergy across channels that gets results. By using 1 channel, you are mostly dropping over 95% of potential. If you sell in one country, in one channel or on one platform and use marketing services, that's great! We'll adjust in scope so that we don't clash, but strengthen other fronts not taken care of today. We will ensure synergy. We will help you comprehensively to sell wider, more and, above all, more effectively where your competitors today do not even reach. Internationally, without major organisational changes, painlessly. We implement sales in 11 languages, 4 search engines and map systems, more than 15 marketplaces over 40 countries. We help you build local and international sales, automation, organisational processes, optimisation, logistics, customer service or returns handling.


There are no impossible goals if we have three key elements planned and agreed - a quantifiable and realistic target, an implementation budget to achieve it and the time in which we can do it. These three elements are 2/3 of the success, as they allow us to plan the realistically necessary implementation both in terms of time and budget to achieve the goal. Based on analytics, experience and knowledge gained over the years, we determine what we should implement, for how much and how quickly in order to achieve the goal. Adhering to the principle "better the bitter truth than a sweet lie", if we know that a project does not stand a chance, or assumptions and plans are technically unjustified, we say so directly. In the Agile model, we offer indefinite contracts, so you can always use us resign.


By 2024. we will have achieved more than €250,000,000 million in revenue generated by our activities, expertise and experience for customers and own brands built from scratch. We know and understand what challenges brands face at every stage of their development - from sales start-up, through more or less dynamic growth, searching for investors to scaling internationally, outsourcing production or services to selling an entire brand. This gives us a special practical experience and understanding that is unparalleled anywhere else, because we have been in each of these stages. We don't 'charm', we don't promise, we stand firmly on the ground while maintaining a healthy optimism. We know that things don't always work out because by going to the top, there will be no lightly - after all, we are going uphill. We understand the problems of 'entrepreneurial loneliness'. After the highs we know not to celebrate too quickly, after the lows we know how to pick ourselves up.

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